A Change Is Needed

According to the Texas Juveniles Justice Department (TJJD), a total of 86,548 formal referrals have been made to juvenile probation departments throughout the State of Texas in 2010. The data points out that 52% of that number had previous referrals to the department; to be specific, 46% of those had more than 3 prior referrals.

Our Vision

To surround at-risk youth with a support group that encompasses family members, school staff and positive community members in order to assist the youth in becoming successful contributing members of our community. Teaching and supporting the youth how to make better life choices for themselves and guiding them along the way, will allow for the youth to make better choices for themselves and their future. It is our goal to restore the youth’s trust within the community and instill values and responsibility within them, help keep juveniles out of the system and help re-integrate them with their families, school and community.

Our Success

Throughout our first year in 2013, we had 18 successful program completions. One year after completing the program, only one youth had reoffended. This proves the efficacy of our program and is the first step towards our goal to help lower the overall recidivism rate within the Juvenile Justice System in Texas.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Our running program was developed to provide at-risk youth with the second chance that we all deserve.  Our innovative approach to working with troubled youth integrates mental and physical health aspects with outcomes based on the 40 Developmental Assets identified by the Search Institute.

The Solution

Community based prevention and intervention programs need to be strengthened and reinforced to better serve at-risk youth and to lower the recidivism rate. Our integrative healthcare approach focuses on teaching youth how to become healthy self-sufficient contributing members of our community, with the goal to lower adolescent involvement in the justice system.